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Production and sale of sand-gravel aggregates

The sector consists of the following companies:

Cave San Bartolo S.p.a.

Joined the group in 2003, CAVE SAN BARTOLO is one of the oldest and most entrenched reality of excavation of the Ravenna area. Today the company, through its mining and processing plants, produces and sells a wide range of sand-gravel aggregates, both natural and crushed, all marked CE 2 + according to the following standards:

  • UNI EN 12620 - Aggregates for concrete
  • UNI EN 13043 - Aggregates for bituminous mixtures
  • UNI EN 13139 - Aggregates for mortar
  • UNI EN 13242 - Aggregates for use in civil engineering work and road construction

All this together with the great care given to road mobility in the production sites, the efficiency of the sales services and concern for the environment constitute the strong points of a commercial policy oriented to the client.

Cave San Bartolo Spa - Via G. Rossi, 5 – 48121 Ravenna.
Tel: +39 0544 216051   Fax: +39 0544 218799.
Mail: cavesanbartolo@acmar.it