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Since 2002 the Acmar Group has extended its business to the agricultural sector, incorporating two cooperatives, Mazzini of Campiano and Nuove Ville Litoranee of Punta Marina, from which a new company was formed, Agriacmar S.r.l., successively incorporated in 2008 into the Group Leader ACMAR Scpa.

The sector consists of the following companies:

Acmar S.c.p.a

As the owner of about 200 hectares of agricultural land at Campiano (RA) and Punta Marina Terme (RA), due to the incorporation of Agriacmar srl which took place in 2008, manages directly its own lands and also about 50 hectares of rented land using almost exclusively its own labour force. In the agricultural sector Acmar uses the most modern agronomic techniques in order to limit the use of pesticides and increase production employing highly specialised personnel and modern machinery.

Acmar Scpa, Via G. Rossi, 5 – 48121 Ravenna.
Tel. +39 0544 244411   Fax +39 0544 32022 / 35376.