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Social, ethical and environmental development

The rules of sustainable construction, for ACMAR and the Society Group  is to proceed  in a responsible manner and in the knowledge that the pursuit of profitability and economic development cannot ignore the feedback of social, ethical and environmental assessments. 

The constant efforts in creating a system that cannot only provide incomes and employment over time to all members and employees, but also contribute to people’s well-beingsocial development and environmental protection, investing resources of the organization, promoting business practices, focusing on improving workers’ health and safety, the reduction of environmental impacts associated with production activities, the adoption of ethical and socially responsible behavior by all the parties involved, the support of initiatives related to land and local community development. All this is the result of our commitment.

The main guidelines to achieve this mission and to align the management and operating procedures, internal office rules and also business policies and decisions have been identified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 E SA 8000 (Italian quality certificates) of ACMAR and the Society  Group.