Operating Segments and Support Services

During the course of 2003 an important organisational restructuring project was completed with the approval and implementation by the Board of Directors. This project was started by the company management in response to a series of factors, including the changing weight of the building sector within the group and the rapid development of other sectors (railway, maritime and plastic packing), which made it necessary to determine a structure of Gruppo enabling not only the formalisation of those processes of aggregation, which in some sectors had already taken place spontaneously, but also emphasising and profiting from all the potential of this type of structure by creating synergy where possible and/or reducing duplication or waste and equally important, enabling its formal acknowledgement externally.  It is in this direction that the new company personnel organisation, working to the General Manager, is introducing a series of services supporting the companies of the group, such as EDP, Personnel, Organisation, Control & Finance and an Intergroup Committee, consisting of top management from the various companies, with the task of proposing and supporting the General Director in the determination of strategies and policies at the group level.  
Formed in this way of Operative Sectors and Support Services, the organisational structure of ACMAR finds strength not only in the high level of professionalism of its personnel but also in its extremely flexible organisational architecture which is capable of responding effectively and efficiently to the varying degrees of complexity connected with the wide variety of works undertaken with public and private clients not only in the building sector but also in the various market sectors embraced. 

The Services comprising the structure are:

PERSONNEL AND SERVICES, which, in the sphere of the instructions received from the General Director and in close contact with the Managers of the companies in the group, provides the administrative and strategic management of the group’s personnel, in terms of employment, development, compensation and salaries, assistance in the paperwork necessary for pensions and insurance, personnel training.

CONTROL & FINANCE, which is responsible for analysis and simulations of economic, financial and patrimonial situations in support of strategic decision making and for the planning and control of the companies of the group, supervising also administrative activities and related tasks in operations of purchase or transfer of company shareholdings.

EDP, which handles the study, definition and implementation of EDP systems in the companies of the group in terms of design and technological updating of the internal networks and computerised procedures for management and production technology, in addition to assistance for the users of local and remote terminals during data processing work.

ORGANISATION, whose task it is to promote initiatives and operations aimed at the determination and development of interface procedures, rules and processes, to the introduction of organisational optimisations and the adoption of adequate control instruments, in order to improve and/or set up relationships of synergy between companies of the group, promoting the formation of work groups to study problems and the creation of projects aimed at improving efficiency and a more rational use of resources.

ADMINISTRATION, which supervises general and industrial accounting of the cooperative, the associated companies and consortium companies, ensuring the regular process of tax and company affairs in conformity with the provisions of law, with special reference to the obligations of drafting periodic and annual declarations in regard to direct and indirect taxes.

COMMERCIAL SECTOR, which follows and helps all the potential and actual clients from the first contact through to the formulation of technical-economic offers and the start of works.

The technical operational structure consists of the following sectors:

PRODUCTION SECTOR, which thanks to a division of the hierarchies and responsibilities, from the Project Manager, to the Site Technical Manager and Site Manager, provides the necessary management and assistance to the client throughout the life of the project and at all levels: contract management, management and implementation of regulations, carrying out and providing assistance for tests, controls and inspections, site management, management of suppliers, etc.

ENGINEERING AND DESIGN TECHNICAL SECTORS, capable of offering the clients production of the executive plans necessary for the construction of works in conformity with the standards required by UNI EN ISO 9001, in addition to proposing materials and innovative technological solutions also in non traditional fields or those of recent application such as, low-impact building, geotextiles, structural consolidation using carbon fibre, etc.

SUPPLY SECTOR, which, in contact and cooperation with the world of suppliers, installers, construction plant companies, etc., selects the companies capable of offering certain standards of reliability and quality, in order to guarantee to our clients a finished product that comes up to expectations.

OPERATING CENTRE, which provides the management and maintenance of the extensive pool of production equipment and vehicles available to the company, with scheduled work and checks in order to ensure perfect working order and efficiency.