New scenarios

Large Infrastructure, Construction and University Hospital

The new scenarios require the formation of consortiums and companies mixed with other bodies and public operators, a presence throughout the national territory and also closer cooperative relations with industry, research organisations and finance operators for the construction of increasingly complex works. Greater collaboration is required also in the ambit of cooperatives themselves. 
In 1975, together with other important cooperative companies A.C.M.A.R. strengthened and contributed to the re-launching of the Consorzio Ciro Menotti, a body qualified to compete in public tenders which would acquire national significance on behalf of the A.G.C.I. itself, assigning men and equipment to it.  
This operation of commercial reinforcement led to new opportunities for development and penetration of markets, with a substantial series of shareholdings obtained through a consortium operating in sectors concerning the waterworks, large infrastructures, hospital and university building projects, the trunk road system, and environmental rehabilitation. 
In this phase, which is fundamental for future development, it became increasingly clear that a transformation from a contracting company to a business promoting company, even in different sectors, would have made further expansion possible in market areas with better prospects for development.