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The 1951

A.C.M.A.R. Associazione Cooperativa Muratori & Affini di Ravenna was established on 5 January 1951 at the initiative of twenty-seven construction workers in Ravenna, some of whom had left the Cooperativa Muratori & Affini di Ravenna, in order to cope with the effects of the grave economic and social crisis existing in the area of Ravenna this was the first step in the re-foundation of a cooperative movement which in 1952 led to the formation of the Associazione Generale delle Cooperative italiane, A.G.C.I.  In spite of the uncertain beginning, in a Ravenna ruined by the war and whose prospects for growth developed at a faster pace only towards the end of the fifties, the Cooperative was able to grasp the opportunities arising in a local market, even if a difficult one, based on reconstruction plans and the first urban redevelopments. 

In those years there was extensive dedication to civil construction, but the business soon extended to infrastructure and industrial construction in addition to work connected with the development of the agri-food sector

The discovery of extensive methane deposits under the Po valley plain led to the establishment and development of state owned petrochemical companies which provided the cooperative with important opportunities for work. The company had already demonstrated a surprising capacity for introducing modern technology and production processes in harmony with a new type of industrial utilities in the sphere of the uninterrupted work within the SAROM refinery, a plant which marked the first step in the industrialisation process of the area of Ravenna.