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Thanks also to the constant improvement of its structures, A.C.M.A.R. soon extended beyond the confines of the province and the region, following the example of the more important competitor companies, obtaining important jobs mainly in Tuscany, Piedmont, Marches and Liguria. 
The consolidated relationships with the public and private clientele and good relations with the banking and industrial systems have made it possible for these relations to pass unharmed through the various cyclic crises arising from circumstances and structure that on a number of occasions have troubled the construction sector. Crises which from the most severe period in the early sixties were gradually overcome by means of innovative developments in the production processes in response to market changes, but also with strategic positioning strategies in new markets. 
With registration in the National Association of Builders (ANC) in 1965 the cooperative became a part of the list of trusted companies of many local and national bodies, ministries, large public companies and partly state owned companies. Orders from these clients resulted in particularly important works as confirmed by the registration for unlimited amounts gradually acquired in 20 different categories

In those years the cooperative counted a labour force of more than three hundred, mostly members, with various specialisations including earth moving works, waterworks and road construction contracts