Qualifications and Registrations

SOA Qualification

With the abolition of the National Association of Builders after the entry into force of Merloni Ter, ACMAR has obtained, through PROTOS SOA S.p.A., certification of qualification for services of design and construction up to classification VIII and qualification for execution of public works in many different general and special categories.

National Register of Environmental Management

Acmar obtained registration with the National Registry of Environmental Management Companies for site rehabilitation - Category 9 Class E.

The National Registry of Environmental Management Companies, instituted by Legislative Decree 152/06 (the so-called 'Environmental code', in force since 29 April 2006) as a natural evolution of the “National Registry of Waste Management Companies” regulated by Legislative Decree 22/97, plays a central role in the complex system that regulates the handling of waste.

It therefore represents a reference point and guaranty for all the subjects involved: the companies that produce waste, the subjects qualified for waste handling (transport, collection, treatment, reclamation, commercialisation, etc.), the public administrations, the control bodies and the general public.

Other Qualifications

ACMAR is qualified in the List of Suppliers, and works with a number of important public and private companies, leaders on their reference markets at the national and international level.