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Social Report

Social Report

While in the previous balance sheet the key factors to its correct understanding were the workers' health and safety (The culture of prevention. The value of safety) - which are justly considered strategically important topics not only for the construction division but also for all the product sectors of the Group - in the balance sheet 2009/2010 we have decided to broaden further the prospective deepening and analysing also other matters that have become, in the last years, of topical interest and importance such as environmental protection, ethics and social issues. Nowadays, we consider these matters, together with safety, key values to tackle daily and we would like to represent them with the following two words: sustainable construction. In our opinion, we should construct sustainably for the citizens, the society and the environment. This means to act in a responsible way and to be aware that at the present time the achievement of profitability goals and economic development objectives cannot leave the evaluation of social, ethical and environmental factors out of consideration.

This turns out into our continuous engagement to create a system that can, not only provide income and work for our Members and employees in the long term, but also contribute to people's well-being, to social development and environment protection through the investment of resources and the promotion, at all organizational levels, of business usual procedures centred on: the improvement of the workers' health and safety conditions; the reduction of environmental impacts connected to our activities; the choice of an ethical and socially responsible behaviour toward all the involved parts; the support of enterprises in favour of territory and local communities development. Therefore, in this balance sheet, we shall present the main measures and actions adopted, in a two-year period, by ACMAR and by the societies of the Group to promote and spread a sustainable construction practice.